Thursday, 24 April 2014

Dogwood in the Dordogne!

One evening last week I arrived at a new property which we have recently taken onto our books.  A charming and typical Dordogne property consisting of a "Corps de Ferme" comprising an L shaped farmhouse with the original house and a large converted barn.  To view the property on our website click our reference Dordogne Property Agency DPA3528

However, the reason for this blog entry is not about the property but instead to share the most magnificent tree I think I have ever seen.  In case like me, you are unable to identify the species, the tree shown in the pictures is an American "Dogwood" tree and therefore naturally not a native species to the Dordogne.  The large full white flowers are stunning and have much larger blossoms than the locally found Dordogne fruit trees (which it has to be said also look amazing) and therefore the impact was dramatic.

Why is this tree here?  Well, our vendor's father who recently passed away was an American and he brought the tree over and planted it next to the old stone well some 25 years ago and now it thrives here in the South-west France sunshine in all it's splendour.  I am sure that he planted it to provide years of pleasure and I wonder how he would feel today if he knew that it still gives joy to complete strangers?

Quite marvelous and good for the soul!

Dogwood tree in the Dordogne

Amazing white dogwood flowers

Heavenly image?
Our favourite photo!

The beautiful old stone well

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