Friday, 28 March 2014

The new “Cantons” or districts of the Dordogne

In France many people talk about which “Canton” or district their own town belongs to.  

But what is the exact definition of the term Canton? It is essentially an administrative and electoral division which originally should respect a geographical radius of 10 kilometres from its administrative centre.

In 2015, our Dordogne towns and villages will go through an administrative modification as the number of cantons will decrease.  This project was established primarily in order to balance a demographic equilibrium in the region and to stop the imbalance in certain sectors.

Our Dordogne region will decrease from 50 to 25 districts as of next year, in 2015. Each district will approximately have 16 566 inhabitants.

Map of new Dordogne Cantons from the Dordogne Property Agency blog
The new "Cantons" of the Dordogne

This new map will imply the total wipe out of some current districts such as Belvès, Sainte-Alvère, Verteillac and Jumilhac which will then be included in bigger ones.  This change will also generate an increase of the elected representatives – two per district instead of one currently – a man and a woman to respect gender equality.

Good or bad?  One thing is for sure – the locals are talking about it!

Below is the new list - In French of course!

  1. canton de Bergerac-1
  2. canton de Bergerac-2
  3. canton de Brantôme
  4. canton de Coulounieix-Chamiers
  5. canton du Haut-Périgord Noir (bureau centralisateur : Thenon)
  6. canton Isle-Loue-Auvézère (bureau centralisateur : Excideuil)
  7. canton Isle-Manoire (bureau centralisateur : Boulazac)
  8. canton de Lalinde
  9. canton de Montpon-Ménestérol
  10. canton du Pays de la Force (bureau centralisateur : Prigonrieux)
  11. canton du Pays de Montaigne et Gurson (bureau centralisateur : Port-Sainte-Foy-et-Ponchapt)
  12. canton du Périgord Central (bureau centralisateur : Vergt)
  13. canton du Périgord Vert Nontronnais (bureau centralisateur : Nontron)
  14. canton de Périgueux-1
  15. canton de Périgueux-2
  16. canton de Ribérac
  17. canton de Saint-Astier
  18. canton de Sarlat-la-Canéda
  19. canton du Sud-Bergeracois (bureau centralisateur : Eymet)
  20. canton de Terrasson-Lavilledieu
  21. canton de Thiviers
  22. canton de Trélissac
  23. canton de la Vallée Dordogne (bureau centralisateur : Saint-Cyprien)
  24. canton de la Vallée de l'Isle (bureau centralisateur : Neuvic)
  25. canton de la Vallée de l'Homme (bureau centralisateur : Montignac)

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