Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Unusual preserved monument in Dordogne

When we think about « historic monument » and/or « protected zone », we immediately consider heritage, historic or cultural monuments.  Our Dordogne region offers numerous internationally famous monuments and sites: châteaux (Saint-Geniès, Monbazillac, Mareuil etc), abbeys (Chancelade, Cadouin, Brantôme etc), as well as protected zones such as Trémolat located on the Dordogne riverbank, caves (Lascaux, Les Eyzies, Le Bugue etc).

However, there is an unusual protected site in Périgord : Parcot.  This site is situated on 46 Hectares (nearly 114 acres) of land in Echourgnac – Dordogne.  It benefits from a double protection for its land and for the farm sitting on it.  The Parcot farm is a traditional regional building dating originally from the XVI century.  It is primarily made of wood and cob.  Visitors are able to further explore the traditional building and to discover life throughout the centuries via workshops on site.  

Various educational trails have been created around the farm, such as a discovery trail on 2500 metres, a biological trail and a longer walking trail on 6.5 kilometres.  This is a perfect way to interact with nature between lakes and forests in Dordogne, to learn about it and to discover an exceptional selection of rare fauna and flora in our region.

Guided visits possible.  Additional information on the Ferme du Parcot website.

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