Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The 4 different colours of the Dordogne found on our Périgord maps

The four colours representing the four traditional areas of the Dordogne Périgord are a relatively well-known symbol of our region.  They are often used as a means to locate a specific area, town, village or landmark.  

They are as follows:

-          Périgord noir – Sarlat                                     Black Dordogne
-          Périgord vert – Ribérac                                 Green Dordogne
-          Périgord blanc – Vallée de l’Isle                   White Dordogne
-          Périgord pourpre – Bergerac                      Purple Dordogne

Click link below to view maps of the region 

This classification originally appeared on maps dating from the XVIII century as well as in French literature (Jules Verne wrote about the « Périgord Vert » at the end of the XIX century).   The categorisation was made official thirty years ago and has been used widely ever since in various sectors such as tourism,  real estate, literature…

Today, the four Périgord colours do not offically exist anymore as the Dordogne tourism committee has decided, stating the colours were actually a source of confusion at times.  There remains one question which will create two groups discussing four colours:

Are you for or against the four Dordogne colours?

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