Monday, 16 July 2012

MIMOS Festival – celebrating 30 years of mime in Perigueux Dordogne!

At the dawn of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games about to open in London, Périgueux also has its own happening event to brag about. The MIMOS festival will begin on 30th July for a week until 4th August.

MIMOS is 30 years old this year. This mime festival originated in honor of the famous French mime Marcel Marceau, who lived in Périgueux. Through this eclectic artistic manifestation, the spectators discover various shows with the following themes: mime, dance, music, theatre, clowning, and puppetry … with emotion, all kinds of sensations and above all, a lot of originality. The setting is beautiful Périgueux with its cobblestone streets, quaint places, theatres, and other various landmarks around the city.

The MIMOS festivals attract more than 50 000 spectators each year, from all countries. Some shows have an admission fee but most are free. Workshops are also available making this manifestation an interactive and unique experience.

So when you are in Dordogne this summer, why don’t you stop by Périgueux and attend the 2012 MIMOS festival. It will be a different view on Dordogne and what it has to offer!

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