Wednesday, 14 October 2009

It's official - Britain & Ireland have worst quality of life in Europe!

A recent article posted online by the Telegraph, states that British people have the worst quality of life in Europe, according to a report which highlights the long hours, bad weather, low life expectancy and high price of many consumer goods.

In a study of ten of the largest European countries, Britain came last followed by Ireland, with France and Spain topping the table.

The report which analyses 10 European countries against various key benchmarks, from the price of gas, electricity, fuel, food and drink to the amount each country spends on education, health to working conditions and the weather.

The top three countries are France, Spain and Denmark, with Sweden, Ireland and Britain coming eighth, ninth and tenth respectively.

The study comes less than a week after the United Nations moved Britain out of the top 20 list of most desirable countries to live in for the first time.

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