Monday, 21 September 2009

Tell us what you would like to know about living in France!

Hello to all "Francophiles" and lovers of France!

This is our first post on our blog and we love to hear from you!

My wife and I first moved permamently to the Dordogne region of France at the end of 2002, having made the decision to leave the UK for good. Our reasons for making the move were a straightforward combination of our desire to get of the UK (we were becoming very concerned about the decline of quality of life) and the simpe fact that we loved France as a country.

We gave up our regular contact with friends and family, quit our very comfortable jobs in the UK and took the leap, having decided to set up a business as professional registered estate agents - see

We have since moved house three times, got married here (one of the most magical days imaginable) have been blessed with our two lovely sons and we are loving every minute of our lives here in France.

In our business lives we now spend our time helping many other people to acheive the same dream.......therefore:

We are posting our first blog to now ask all of you, what is it that you would like to know about life in France? Do you have questions about property or the market here? Are you thinking of making the move yourselves?

Please tell us about any subject that you would like our comments on. This is very much an experiment for us as we are new to the world of blogging - hopefully we can help some others who would also like to "make the leap" whilt creating some interesting discussion threads at the same time.

Hope to hear from you soon!
Tony - Dordogne Property Agency

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